Pocket World Info 4.0 for Pocket PC

Provides useful info on all countries - time, currency, maps, atlas
Pocket World Info 4.0

Version: 4.0

Pocket World Info 4.0 by: Informap Technology Center Inc, last updated: 13/08/2007

Requirements: 2.0MB of Available RAM

About Pocket World Info 4.0

Untitled DocumentIntroduction
Pocket World Info allows you to maintain a database of useful information on all countries of the world. The entire information is stored as a text file (XML). The user can edit and add any amount of extra information for each country. The whole program including detailed country maps occupies less than 2MB of memory.
In addition to editable information, the program also displays the currently selected country's flag, a detailed map and an analog clock showing the current local time in its Capital.

Features in version 4.0
* New extended database - detailed information about every country
*Updated database - actual data on April 2005
*Updated User Interface
*VGA resolution support
*Portrait and Landscape mode support
*Search entire database and installed High Resolution Maps
*50 High Resolurtion Maps avaiable for FREE download

Features in version 3.0
*High resolution, detailed maps for select countries available free for download at the informapusa Web site
*3D Globe view to locate the selected country on the globe
*Updated information for all countries
*User preferences saved between sessions

Features in version 2.0
*Entire data stored in an XML file
*User can effortlessly add unlimited new information for each country
*Textual information can be viewed in 8 zoom modes
*Detailed country map for each country
*Measurement tool to visually determine distance across multiple cities of a country
*Distances measurement shown in either miles or kilometers
*Cities, capital and countries information on the maps may be selectively turned on/off

Description and Usage
Country Information
The following is a description of the various pre-defined fields of the database that hold information pertaining to the selected country: Long Name : Conventional long name of the selected country.
Capital : Name of the capital city. This name also appears under the clock on the upper right section of the window.
Country Code : Two-letter international code identifying the selected country. This is different from the ICC code described below.
Latitude/ Longitude : Geographical coordinates of the selected country.
Embassy Tel : Telephone number of the Embassy in the selected country.
Embassy Fax : Fax number of the Embassy in the selected country.
Languages : Displays major (incl. Official) language(s) of the selected country.
Currency : Shows selected country?s official currencies.
Currency Code : Three-letter international currency code.
Daylight Time (DST) : This field indicates if DST is currently ON or OFF in the selected country.
IDD Code : International Direct Dialing Code.
ICC Code : International Country Code.
Internet Code : Two-letter code identifying the selected country in internet and email addresses.
Population : Approximate 2002 population of the selected country.
Literacy Rate (%) : Literacy rate defined as the percentage of population age 15 and over who can read and write.
Inflation (%) : Estimated inflation rate in 2001.
Additional Information
In addition to the above pre-defined fields, the program allows the user to create any amount of new information by specifying new fields.
The program allows you to modify the data stored in both the existing fields and any newly added fields. In the case of custom fields, the program also allows you to modify the field names or even delete the entire field and its data.

Copyright © 2006-2007 Informap
All rights reserved.
Please send your valuable feedback and suggestions to support@informapusa.com

Pocket World Info 4.0, compatible Devices

@migo 600-C, Att Cingular 8125, Att Cingular 8525, AT&T Palm Treo 750, Acer n10, Acer n20, Acer n20w, Acer n30, Acer n300, Acer n310, Acer N311, Alaska Cove Mexmal, Alltel HTC PPC6800, AnexTEK SP230, Asus Mypal A636, Asus MyPal A600, Asus MyPal A620, Asus Mypal A639, Asus MyPal A716, Asus MyPal A730, Asus P505, Asus P525, Asus P535, Audiovox 2032SP, Audiovox 5050, Audiovox PDA1032C, Audiovox PPC 4100, Audiovox PPC 6600, Audiovox PPC 6601, Audiovox Ppc 6700, Audiovox Thera, BenQ P50, BenQ P51, Casio E-200, Casio E-2000, Daxian Telecom CU928, Dell Axim X3, Dell Axim X3i, Dell Axim X5, Dell Axim X51, Dell Axim X51v, Dopod 686, Dopod 696, Dopod 699, Dopod 818 Pro, Dopod 838, Dopod 838 Pro, Dopod 900, Dopod D810, E-ten G500, E-TEN Glofiish M700, E-TEN Glofiish X500, E-ten M600, E-TEN P300, E-TEN P300B, E-TEN P600, E-TEN Pocket PC P700, Fujitsu Pocket Loox C550, Fujitsu Pocket Loox N500, Fujitsu Pocket Loox N520, Fujitsu Pocket Loox N560, Fujitsu Pocket Loox T810, Fujitsu Pocket Loox T830, FujitsuSiemens Pocket Loox 410, FujitsuSiemens Pocket Loox 420, FujitsuSiemens Pocket Loox 600, FujitsuSiemens Pocket Loox 610, HP Jornada 560 Series, HP Jornada 928, HP iPAQ h1910/1920, HP iPAQ h1915, HP iPAQ h1930/1940/1945, HP iPAQ h2210/2215, HP iPAQ h3700 Series, HP iPAQ h3800 Series, HP iPAQ h3900 Series, HP iPAQ h4150/4155, HP iPAQ h4350/4355, HP iPAQ h5100/5400/5500, HP iPAQ h5450/5455, HP iPAQ h5500/5555, HP iPAQ h6315, HP iPAQ h6340, Hp Ipaq Hw6900 Series, HP iPAQ rw6815, HP iPAQ rw6828, Hp Ipaq Rx1950 Series, Hp Ipaq Rx5915, HTC Advantage X7500/7501, HTC P3300, HTC P3350, HTC P3600, HTC P4300, HTC P4350, HTC P6300, HTC TyTN, HTC Wizard, Hitachi G1000, Mio 168, Mio 336, Mio 339, Mio 528, Mio 558, Mio A201, Mio A701, Mio P350, Mio P550, MoviStar TSM500, NEC MobilePro 200e, NEC MobilePro 300e, NEC MobilePro P300, O2 Xda Atom, O2 Xda Exec, O2 Xda II, O2 Xda Neo, O2 Xda Orbit, O2 Xda Trion, O2 Xda Mini S, O2 xda, Orange SPV M1000, Orange SPV M2000, Orange Spv M3000, Orange SPV M3100, Orange Spv M5000, Orange Spv M600, Orange SPV M700, Ppc-6700, Packard Bell PocketGear 2030, Packard Bell PocketGear 3025, Palm Treo 700wx, Palm Treo 750, Palm Treo 750v, Qtek 1010, Qtek 2020, Qtek 9000, Qtek 9100, Qtek 9600, Qtek G100, Qtek S200, RoverPC P1, RoverPC P3, RoverPC P4, RoverPC P5, RoverPC P7, Samsung M400/M4000, Samsung SPH-i700, Samsung I710, Samsung i730, Siemens SX56, Symbol MC50, Symbol PDT 8000, Symbol PDT 8100, Symbol PDT 8800, Symbol PPT 2800, T-mobile Mda, T-mobile Mda Compact Ii, T-Mobile MDA Compact III, T-Mobile MDA III, T-mobile Mda Pro, T-mobile Mda Vario, T-Mobile MDA Vario II, T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone, Toshiba 2032, Toshiba Genio-e, Toshiba e310, Toshiba e330 Series, Toshiba e350 Series, Toshiba e400/e405, Toshiba e570, Toshiba e740, Toshiba e750 Series, Toshiba e800/e805, Verizon Palm Treo 700w, Verizon XV6600, Verizon Xv6700, Vodafone VPA, Vodafone Vpa Compact Ii, Vodafone Vpa Iv, Vodafone v1605, Vodafone v1640, Zayo, I-mate Jamin, i-mate JASJAM, I-mate Jasjar, I-mate K-jam, i-mate PDA-N, i-mate Pocket PC

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